Nevada ePrescribing

Type of ePrescribing Mandate Drugs that must be ePrescribed Effective date State Law Gleanings (*mandates with listed exceptions)​
Controlled substances covered by Medicare​
In effect - but enforced on 1/2/2022​
SUPPORT ACT of 2018 is a federal law which *mandates the electronic prescribing of all controlled substances ( EPCS ) drugs covered by Medicare directly or a Medicare Plan. It was effective January 1, 2021 but enforced on 1/1/2022.​
State and Federal
Sch II-V regardless of payor
In effect​
Nevada law allows ePrescribing of all drugs to allow practitioners and pharmacies in NV to be compliant with the Federal SUPPORT ACT of 2018. Nevada Law NRS 639.23535 *mandates that all controlled substance prescriptions be electronically prescribed. NV also requires ePrescribing vendors to be approved. WENO's services have been approved in Nevada.