ePrescribing and Secure Messaging Network

EHR & Pharmacy Systems

WENO’s ePrescribing intermediary service routes NCPDP standard ePrescriptions including EPCS! Low upfront cost ad easy APIs!


WENO prescribers do not use Surescripts, so until your system can connect to WENO’s intermediary service you can legally retrieve FREE ePrescriptions + EPCS from them on our DEA audited stand-alone online.wenoexchange.com

Healthcare Providers

Use our DEA audited stand-alone at online.wenoexchange.com. Get FREE ePrescribing and secure messaging for all users of your account. EPCS is free for 1 year too. EPCS users will only pay for ID proofing to get started and after 1 year EPCS charges are only $l2/month. If your EHR integrates with WENO Online for EPCS then the EPCS fees will be slightly higher.


FREE secure
messaging + large
file attachments at online.wenoexchange.com! Perfect for healthcare & your other private messaging needs.

WENO Online

  • Pharmacies
  • Prescribers
  • Personal Users
  • Providers

WENO Online gives you free access to our DEA-audited system to receive scripts including EPCS scripts from WENO prescribers! Interested in connecting your pharmacy software directly? We can do that too! Click here to view our DEA-approved pharmacy system services audit.

Prescribers can connect to WENO 3 ways.
Watch the short WENO video here.
Prescribers using WENO Online get free regular ePrescribing and if they need EPCS, they get FREE EPCS for 1 year - each prescriber will only pay $199 every 3 attempts of ID proofing.
After 1 year EPCS prescribers will be billed only $12/month annually on their anniversary.
Watch ID Proofing Video Here.

FREE secure messaging, and it's not just for healthcare! Send and receive any sensitive information to anyone with a WENO Online account! Perfect for healthcare, legal, financial, or any other private communication. You can even attach large files! 

Use WENO Online's free secure messaging service to communicate through a HIPAA-compliant system. Add unlimited users, and patients can sign up for free too! It's perfect for internal communication between employees, sending large files to other providers, or communicating with patients.

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WENO Online Launch